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BlackGold Car Rental has been providing quality car rental services to Miami and the entertainment industry for a number of years. Our firm understanding of the demands in the entertainment business is an advantage, which is why we work with a variety of companies, offering premium deals at the best prices and rates. We’re proud to have a diverse fleet of vehicles that ensure speedy arrivals to film and television studios—and more.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a luxury car that’s decorated for special events—whether it’s wedding balloons or celebratory tin cans—we’re ready to find the right fit for you. Our experts in BlackGold’s Studio Division Department will work both with you and your production team to arrange the best car lease deals, whether short-term or long-term. Additionally, we provide free-of-charge delivery and pick-up services for most studio, production, and film car rentals in the greater Miami region. Our perks are many, one of which includes VIP Baggage Meets at nearby airports. We even go so far as to arrange international cars upon request. Truly, you cannot hire a better car rental services agency with a better reputation for cheap and efficient transportation in the entertainment industry.


Secure and dependable picture vehicles for film and television shoots
Reasonable and economical pricing
Unusual, out-of-state and/or international vehicles readily available
Leasing and Rental needs transparent and simplified
Unequivocal selection of production trucks, vans and SUVs
Convenient VIP Baggage Meets
Daily Rates
Custom Deliveries & Customized Service
Years of Experience & Customer Loyalty

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